Sorry For The Mess…

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These days I have a new job working campus level IT for a middle school.  This on the tail of a catastrophic flood last May has left me with little or no time for upkeep and maintenance for my website.

It would seem that in their attempt to be helpful, my web host Powweb has been systematically shutting down portions of my website for weeks now.

Please bear with me as it cannot be helped… I will get to it at soon as I possibly can.



I’m Your Boogie Man…

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My very first attempt at video editing…

Summer Romp 2015


So Long & Thanks For All The Fish…

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It is my experience that the very best reason to work at Seguin High School is the people, friends all. In many cases that extends into the ranks of the students both past and present. Let us insure that there is always enough compassionate faculty at SHS that our common bond of friendship covers all.





Pending Bench Work…

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A Naked Frame…

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the bare frame of the GL100 project


This weekend marks a hinge point in my restoration of my 1982 Honda GL1100 Interstate.  Tonight it was rendered into a naked frame.  I coaxed Carrie out to help me lift it off of the lift and onto a roll about outdoor table.  Weather permitting I intend to go at it with a nylon brush and hand triggered doses of Simple Green.

Meanwhile I cleared the lift, swept up the debris, wiped it clean and laid out the front forks, the rear end and the swing arm sub assembly.  Hopefully, I can get Tyler to come by and help me get the engine up onto the lift.  From there I should be free to roll the motor around while cleaning it.  Having a go at all the nooks and crannies, with things eventually ending up with the engine upright on blocks with me bolting the frame back onto it.

At this point, that’s the plan…


I Am Shameless…

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I refuse to feel any measure of shame or undue sorrow for knowing when it is time to let go.

This does imply or suggest anything other than I know my own heart.

This ain’t my first rodeo:

I know what I know… and I know… it is time for me to go do something else for awhile.



Thanks to Lee Balinas…


It’s Filthy…

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Three Huge Lies…

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By today’s standards, I am not very bright!

I was not raised in a media saturated world which deifies sarcasm.  I did not grow up where the gold standard of intelligence is measured by how quick one can deliver a smart-assed response or how quickly I can kill zombies online. In the world I live in, I have learned at least one great Truth.  Life events which happen to me quickly or I feel strongly about are almost ALWAYS bad.  As a result, I have learned not to form opinions quickly… or based entirely on how I feel.

I have to take things away and dwell on them for awhile… ruminate on their meanings… before I can determine their value.  Much to my own self protection, in my youth this same characteristic of “slow thoughtfulness” made me VERY unsuccessful with women in most social settings.  As a result I have been spared from literally boat loads of drama and heartbreak on that front.

Here awhile back a good friend of mine, Terri Hamiter, posted this meme on FaceBook:


For me, this is hitting pretty close to the mark.  It was one of those rare things on FaceBook that tickled my mind… made me take pause for a moment. (Yes, I said that, I took… pause!)  This means like a squirrel, I carried this item away and hid it.  Then in due course, I returned to it… thought about it… and pondered it’s meanings and how to streamline these notions into what I have already found to be true.

Based upon my experience, I would postulate some subtle changes and a overt addition here:

  1. If you disagree with someone’s belief structure, you must fear or hate them.
  2. Loving someone means you automatically condone everything they say or do.
  3. If you hold to your own core values, you are somehow repressing those around you.

In my case, (as slow witted as I usually am,) all three of these statements are overtly false.

Thank you Terri…


Sex & Superglue…

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I teach high school architecture.

Teaching architecture is very similar to teaching art or music in that architecture seems to be a medium through which human beings express themselves creatively.  Perhaps it is because of this creative license that topics of conversation in my room often range widely on a variety of subjects.  Invariably the subject will turn to love, relationships and sex.  Not in a gross or obtuse way, I do not allow those sorts of discussions, but teenagers are naturally curious about these things. Eventually they always want to know what I think.  I always advise caution, to be careful… because sex is superglue.

This will always illicit a few giggles and piques their interest.  I have their full attention.  In the teaching profession, we call this “the teachable moment.” I reiterate my point.  I advise them to be careful because sex is just like superglue!  Then I seize the moment and leap…

Ya see, superglue (Cyanoacrylate) is a very powerful adhesive… a bonding agent.  Unlike caulk which has a lot of body but no real adhesive value, you cannot fill a gap with superglue.  In its natural form superglue is really quite thin and runny, there isn’t really much substance to it.  So, if there is a missing part or a gap between the parts you are trying to bond together, you cannot fill that void with superglue.

But superglue does have some pretty spectacular uses.  Not the least of which is that it has a wide variety of household, medical and industrial uses.   How cool is that? But as with any revolutionary tool, device or material… we as a species have found so many other creative uses for this material.  We all eventually use superglue… but not all of us, use use it wisely or with the required skill this amazing substance requires.

I like to give the example of broken china, where the parts fit together tightly, well mated, clean, without gaps.  In these cases, superglue can give a clean, strong, permanent bond. So if the parts are well mated to start with, superglue is some totally awesome stuff.  In the hands of an expert craftsman… marvelous stuff that provides a superior permanent bond.  Yet in the hands of the young, the inept, ignorant or unskilled, superglue is quite dangerous.

The important thing is to know where and how to use it… and in what measure.

At this point, I like to point out that if you try to use superglue to adhere pieces that don’t really fit together well in the first place, you’ll probably have less than spectacular result.  You’ll have mess on your hands… literally.  In unskilled or  inexperienced hands, or in applications for which superglue was not intended, you are likely to find yourself unpleasantly and unexpectedly glued to something you had not anticipated.

The effect of which is often quite messy… and permanent.

By this time the room is dead silent, you can almost smell the thoughts like burning rubber at a drag race.

I drive home my point… “Ya gotta be careful with sex and superglue.”



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Sandra Bullock In Space