Three Huge Lies…

On December 15, 2013, in Uncategorized, by culley

By today’s standards, I am not very bright!

I was not raised in a media saturated world which deifies sarcasm.  I did not grow up where the gold standard of intelligence is measured by how quick one can deliver a smart-assed response or how quickly I can kill zombies online. In the world I live in, I have learned at least one great Truth.  Life events which happen to me quickly or I feel strongly about are almost ALWAYS bad.  As a result, I have learned not to form opinions quickly… or based entirely on how I feel.

I have to take things away and dwell on them for awhile… ruminate on their meanings… before I can determine their value.  Much to my own self protection, in my youth this same characteristic of “slow thoughtfulness” made me VERY unsuccessful with women in most social settings.  As a result I have been spared from literally boat loads of drama and heartbreak on that front.

Here awhile back a good friend of mine, Terri Hamiter, posted this meme on FaceBook:


For me, this is hitting pretty close to the mark.  It was one of those rare things on FaceBook that tickled my mind… made me take pause for a moment. (Yes, I said that, I took… pause!)  This means like a squirrel, I carried this item away and hid it.  Then in due course, I returned to it… thought about it… and pondered it’s meanings and how to streamline these notions into what I have already found to be true.

Based upon my experience, I would postulate some subtle changes and a overt addition here:

  1. If you disagree with someone’s belief structure, you must fear or hate them.
  2. Loving someone means you automatically condone everything they say or do.
  3. If you hold to your own core values, you are somehow repressing those around you.

In my case, (as slow witted as I usually am,) all three of these statements are overtly false.

Thank you Terri…


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