The Frustrating Dichotomy of My Life…

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Wow!  A new post!  i have REALLY been underwater for the last few years, and my site needs serious work.  I apologize.  Unfortunately, I do not see any real end to the turmoil… but… I will take comfort in what little victories I attain.  Read on…


This is two examples of Honda part number: 91354-463-003. Last night I was moaning on Facebook that I could not find this part. The one on the left is 34 years old, I removed it from Scruffy last night. It is crimped, compressed and worn out. Not usable! The one of the right appears to be new.

This is also a Venn diagram that quite accurately represents my luck. Not that I truly believe in the concept of luck, or being ‘happy,’ or any other common misconceptions people have about reality… but this does very accurately describe certain reoccurring themes within my life.

Notice there is no overlap. I seem to have a life that exists between two very opposite extremes. I am either extremely unfortunate… or I am very, very fortunate. There is no overlap what so ever. It is all one way or the other.

Yesterday, I could not find this part. This morning while I was scrambling around to get out of the house, I randomly picked the right o-ring off the dusty floor of the Culley Cave as I took out the recycle. No bag… no label… just a loose o-ring lying on the floor. I wiped it off, looked at it.  It appeared new… unused. I paused and wondered, “Could this be part number 91354-463-003?”

All day this part has plagued me. I just found out this morning this coming weekend is three days off. This sent me spinning off into the hope I could get the rear wheel mounted. But alas… I do not have a critical part to re-mount the rear differential. I searched. I found it. I ordered part 91354-463-003 for $5.00… delivered next Thursday. But the most frustrating thing was I was going to be frozen, with a three day weekend, entirely prevented from working on this bike because I did not have part number: 91354-463-003.

Then I arrived home and heated the oven to bake cookies for my random act of kindness tomorrow. (I am late, I have been sick!) As the first batch cooked I compared the two o-rings. “They looked… very similar.”

I reached for my micrometers. I measured. Cross section: 2.4 mm. Interior diameter” 46.5. I measured again… and again. THIS is part number 91354-463-003.

Many might attribute this seemingly random phenomenal occurrence as ‘luck.’ It would seem so. But for me… it is something entirely different. This… is the perfect representation of the weird dichotomy that rules my entire life, this Venn diagram represented by these two identical o-rings, separated by 34 years of time and space, one plucked randomly from the dirt,  has happened too often for me to ignore.

There is something more at work here.  I have often stood before two doors before.

I have the go ahead… the head nod… to move cautiously forward with Scruffy’s rear end this weekend.

Like a fleece in the morning dew, Part 91354-463-003… thou art divine.

“it is well, it is well with my soul!”



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