1. More gets done by rising early than by staying up late.

2. If you don’t want folks to get your goat, don’t tell them where you have it tied.

3. It’s a mighty thin pancake that only has one side.

4. If your goal is to ‘goof off’ as much as possible, being organized really helps.

5. Never accept that your own point of view is the entire Truth.

6. A man with nothing to lose is a powerful commodity.

7. Never scrimp on your shoes or your mattress because if you are not in one, you are probably in the other.

8. I find most crisis situations tend to take care of themselves naturally if I just leave them alone.

9. There are those who thrive in turmoil. Avoid them at all costs.

10. Being overly verbose about nice things has more impact than staying silent about bad things.

11. NEVER… underestimate the power of a hand baked chocolate chip cookie. (or a caramel-turtle brownie.)

12. There are two types of concrete: cracked and that which will become cracked. Plan for it!

13. Good drainage doesn’t just ‘happen.’ Plan for it!

14. Foundations are sexy.

15. Sex is a lot like superglue.  If you aren’t careful, you are likely to find yourself stuck to something you hadn’t anticipated.

16. It’s better to live with an ugly Truth than a beautiful lie.

17. No need continuing to speak to anyone who already knows what you’ll say and why you’d say it.  Just move on.”





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